Electrons always find their way. Moss garden and waste plastic prototype with LED lighting. Under 1000 magnification it is wonderful to see springtails and other, as of yet unidentified creatures.





Super honored to be showing the Paparazzi Bots and photos taken by the robots in this spectacular exhibition at the UAS curated by Kris Paulsen with some of my favorite artists; Chris Burden, Ken GoldbergAmy Youngs, Charles Csuri, Lutz Dammbeck, Isla Hansen, Lillian Schwartz, Stan VanDerBeek.

Engineering Utopia is Open May 30-July 15, 2017 and come get captured by the bots. Exhibition design by Ry Wharton and all is presented by The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, the Arts Initiative and Urban Arts Space, and the College of Engineering.

Excited to also exhibit the recreated Siamese Rodeo Cricket 2 in Amy Youngs Museum for Insects.

I am thrilled to be premiering the Woman’s Tear Machine Gun Video and print at The New Art Fest’16, which kicks off November 3rd at 7pm, at Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência in Lisbon Portugal curated by Antonio Ceveira Pinto. This pheromonal machine gun is designed to allow men to sniff and be exposed to a woman’s tears; a known biological agent that reduces testosterone in men. Sniffing tears lowers activation in the brains hypothalamus region know for sexual arousal. The first gun designed for peace is now being systematized by DARPA.US designing for strategic defense. #thenewartfest16

Woman’s Tears Machine Gun at Maker Faire in Ottowa Canada, Maker Fair 2016

I am excited to be introducing a new proto-living systems sculpture of 5 bacterial forms breathing and undulating up and down. They will premiere in Cancun at Alife 16. Weather data is used to change sonic and video textures projection mapped onto these works.  Machine and natural sounds are intermixed and processed through a granulator,  which is constantly changed by a cellular automaton. The granulator affects the nature of the generative sound and selects video based on wind speed and direction and water and air temperature.

projection mapping onto the larval forms of Abiopoiesis Microbiome


For more information on this work and video: