Woman's Tears Machine Gun

With bullets constructed of woman's tears it completely deflates the desire for violence. A woman's tears contain chemical substances which diminish testosterone and point to the fact that woman's tears may possess chemical signals. While some animals use scents and sprays to communicate chemically such as mice, which use proteins to signal receptivity to sex it was not formerly know that humans communicated chemically. The neurobiologist Noam Sobel at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has peered into subjects' brains using functional magnetic resonance imaging, they have found that the region of the brain that generally active and lights up when an individual is aroused, the fusiform gyrus and hypothalamus was diminished when the men were exposed to the woman's tears. Their breathing rates, skin temperature, and testosterone levels also sank and as high levels of testosterone can be associated with increased possibilities for aggression with some, the woman's tears machine gun may be the safest gun on the planet.

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