Machine Drawing 1: prototype compression from suckle bot


Machine Drawings are 3D modeled drawings compressed into a nearly flat dimension and then drawn with a rapid prototyping printer and hand embellished with ink and paint. They are dimensional and flat at the same time printed on an Arches printmaking paper.


They are experiments in order and chaos and the ones I find myself most attached to are the ones that I could not completely control, where the thread of the filament gets much smaler and spirals in directions that were unplanned.

Machine Drawings 2: Woman with Baloon floating away by Ken Rinaldo


Machine Drawings 3: Man pointing by Ken Rinaldo


Machine Drawings 4: Woman with club foot by Ken Rinaldo



Machine Drawings 5: Woman with live and lung by Ken Rinaldo



Studio Assistant Danner Seyfer Sprague.

Printed on a Type A Machine with PLA plastic.