The Weight of Sunshine (El Peso del brillo del Sol)

The weight of sunshine is a collection of sculptures celebrating the energy from the sun.

The sun is the giver of all life.

The iron in the stainless steel mobile hanging from the ceiling is from the center of exploding supernovae stars and also carries oxygen in our blood.

One image that really gets the power of the sun across is this relative scale image below. Seeing the sheer scale of the sun, next to the other planets really explains the notion of the SOLAR system.

The feather from a chicken, branches, living air plants, and even the plastics are all children of photons from the sun.


The roots spread into the soil give sustenance to plants while cleansing water as they sip from rivers.

The formal relationship between branching in brain cells and roots is no an accident. Tree structures are the primary intelligent forms of our universe.

The sun combining with earth gasses constructs trees guided by that sunlight. Trees and roots purifying the air and pull carbon from the atmosphere.

The flickering lights illuminating an XRay of a human brain, obtain their energy from the sun.

But, does sunshine have weight?


Perhaps the most significant weight is its life-giving ability, and that it allows us to see the splendor of all art and life.







VISIBLE RECORDS GALLERY        Charlottesville, Virginia, Aug 1-Sept 13
The Tihua Tocha Exhibition
invites The Weight of Sunshine mobiles, stabile sculptures along with the Worm Bassinet with Amy Youngs invited and curated by Federico Cuatlacuatl