Automatist Human Drawings are free improvised, semi-conscious drawings created with Pigma Inks on paper. They reflect associative imaginary spaces, lines, forms, and rhythm. As I was drawing these, I was enjoying the fictitious narratives that were coming to mind reflecting an interest in communication and interaction.

The Human Automatist Drawings by Ken Rinaldo

They are part of an ongoing practice I have had for 30 years; often as a relaxation from more technical art pursuits.

Automatist human Drawing by Ken Rinaldo. Color by Amy Youngs


After I created 73 of these drawings I made them into a digital coloring book for further development and the addition of color.

The Human Automatist Drawings by Ken Rinaldo

The works on display at the Urban Arts Space in Columbus Ohio, in 2019.

Far Wall. The Automatist human Drawings by Ken Rinaldo at the Urban Arts Space Columbus Ohio


Automatist Robot Drawings 2010 are from custom drawing robots that were invited and commissioned by the Universidad Tres Febrero in Argentina in 2010 — created on-site in Argentina by deconstructing and reconstructing bump and turn robotic toys.

I attached pens and allowed gravity and the constraints of a gold frame, to limit their wanderings in these mindless machine automatist drawing. At the exhibition at the UAS, t was fun to juxtapose these robotic drawings with more imagistic approaches of the human drawings.

Automatist Robot Drawings 2010 by Ken Rinaldo


Ken Rinaldo artist


THE URBAN ART SPACE                                                                                               Columbus, Ohio Oct-Nov 2019
Faculty of the Department of Art exhibition showing the 3D animation the Continuous War Train, the worldwide premiere of the Maximum Frustration Compressor & Automatist human and machine drawings.

ANTONIO PRATES GALLERY                                Lisbon Portugal, June 2022
A one-person exhibition of new works inspired by the intertwining of human and machine interactions. Invited by Antonio Prates in collaboration with Centro Portuguese de Serigraphia and Joao Prates.